Multiplicity in life

An advantage while reading the book “The Artist Way” is the exercise I am sharing with you today.

I always recall it during tough times. It has helped me and perhaps it can help more people, so here it is:

Life Pie Chart Exercise

This exercise can work with several goals in mind. It can be to bring awareness to unknown imbalances that may be creating a void or to simplify. Yes, in my case it helps simplifying my mind when I am passing through a hard time. Life is a pie of different areas and that helps to change perspective.

Our life is not only about work.

Our happiness does not depend only on our love life (even though many times it feels like!)

Doing workout and taking care of our body is important. As much as having fun and living adventures…

This chart exercise separates some of those areas, as you can see below:

To do it , Translate :
Romance = Romance
Amizades/Social = Friendship/Social Life
Trabalho = Work life
Espiritualidade = Spirituality
Aventura/Diversão = Adventure/Fun times
Exercício = Exercise

What you need to do is to think about each one of those areas and truthfully draw a dot in each slice. The center of the pie corresponds to “less happy”, it is a less demanding area. The more outward you draw the dot, the more you have, the more you do and the happier you feel. After drawing a dot on each area, simply connect them and you can see how you satisfied you are in each area of your life and, consequently, improve.



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