Every day when I wake up, I take some time for myself and write. I want to start the day in a great way and live consciously (one of the pillars of a good self-esteem). I begin with gratitude and that is what I want to write about. Everything is a good reason to be thankful. Having fingers, legs (two!), having good people in my life, having a bed, money, etc. Here are two entries on my gratitude journal:

Starting the day with Gratitude allows me to feel blessed and energised for the day. You should try it! It is about starting the day feeling pleasure and happiness because you woke up without a toothache.

Does it sound like a simple and nonsense thing? Maybe not. Even suffering brings something positive to our lives. In those moments we learn greatly and if we focus on learning, we are able to see that suffering as a challenge instead of a nightmare.

You should really give it a try! Gratitude can change your life and be an amazing tool to keep away that stress that puts you so far from having a healthy life.


What do you think that will happen if in the middle of an argument you are able to realize how grateful you are for having that person in your life? This ability is possible to be practiced and leads to less and less arguments.

Because you feel grateful and everyday you remind yourself of that, you will talk more with a smile on your lips. And because gratitude helps you relaxing, writing about what you are grateful for improves your physical health condition (by reducing stress).

Gratitude, besides reducing stress, improves self-esteem and makes you psychologically more capable of being successful in dealing with day-to-day challenges – more resilient.

The more specific you are, the stronger the benefits will be. Instead of writing how grateful you are for what you are today and what you will become, you will experience more gratitude (and all its benefits) if you write specific examples. For instance: I am grateful because nowadays my ability to negotiate my new income is higher than my ability one and half years ago, and thus being able to improve the quality of my life. I learned this detail while writing you this article and I’m grateful for have done it.

And who does not want good feelings in life? By writing you are developing that feeling. You are nourishing yourself.

A topic for another article could be about how to show that gratitude, how to express it. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write about it.


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